Iberica Manchester Has A New Spring Menu And Kids Eat Free On Sundays

IBERICA in Spinningfields is a beautiful Spanish restaurant, with an amazing bar, and two-outdoors terraces. My family and I paid a visit to try out their new spring menu and the Kids Eat Free offer which is available on Sundays.

Review: ‘In our house, Sundays are all about family, and dance class, basketball training, uniform washing, school prep and an amazing home cooked roast dinner! But with all that going on its really nice sometimes to eat out, take five, and relax.

‘Finding a restaurant which keeps all the family happy though is no mean feat, we need a children’s menu for my son Remi, gluten-free options for my Husband  Dan, a quick check to see if it’s ‘instagrammable’  for blogging daughter Laurie Elle and of course, how is the cocktail menu? for Mum. With all that in mind, we were pretty impressed with Iberica’s offer.

‘First of all, the place looks stunning, and it feels like a special occasion, even though it was not. The bar area is pretty breathtaking and the kids were really in awe of the deco.

‘We were seated upstairs and looked after by waiter Carlos, who was fantastic especially as we had to think about gluten-free options, he was happy to speak to the chef and share his knowledge of the menu with us’.

‘The food was seriously tasty, the meat selection had some amazing spicy chorizo, and the cheese board was enjoyed by all. The chicken dishes which were chicken thigh and chicken wings had great taste, and the fried plantain was a hit. My favourite dish was the asparagus toast and the kids loved the patatas bravas, Dan loved the black rice squid dish, but advised not to order this if you are on a date or business meeting’.

‘On the children’s menu, chicken nuggets were nowhere to be seen which was great! Kids like to try new and different foods too and I’m so glad that Iberica notices this. The kid’s menu is; Iberica burger, Ham croquette, mini potatoes, and peas. It also includes a scoop of ice cream for dessert and a glass of juice’.

‘The cocktail menu featured some of Ibericas signature drinks, we tried out the strawberry gin smash and it got a thumb’s up from me, and the desserts were pretty delicious too, I loved the Spanish rice pudding and we also tried out the lovely warm churros with chocolate sauce.

Overall, we were super impressed with the food. The décor and great customer service added to the experience too and Spinnigfields had so much going on with their spring events, which really added to the visit, it was a really enjoyable family day out.


14-15 Hardman St, Manchester M3 3HF

Phone: 0161 358 1350

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