Want To Launch Your Own Beauty Brand?

Kylie, Rihanna…and now you! Beauty Crush, the website that helps you launch your own beauty brand

Beauty Crush is just what we have been waiting for! The company is everything for those with an entrepreneurial streak, who want to be a girl boss. PRESS MUM met with Beauty Crush Executive Assistant Grace Salmon and Entrepreneur Ali Golds to find out what you need to know about launching your own makeup line….

Beauty Crush is a digital platform that offers social media influencers, makeup artists and individuals with big ideas, the chance to create their own beauty products. It’s a real life next step, from that make your own lip-gloss kit that your parents bought for you, Christmas 2011.

Grace Salmon is the Executive Assistant, she said; ‘We noticed a monopoly of big brands within the beauty industry and we wanted to change that. We want to give power back to independent brands and make the beauty industry more diverse and accessible to everyone.

‘Our experience in the industry means we can offer step by step help with formulations, product development, and packaging to turn the spark of an idea into a reality.’

Grace explained the team at Beauty Crush are a group of beauty experts who love makeup just as much as we do.  They have worked in the industry for years, in marketing, product development, and design. And know exactly how to make the beauty products we have always dreamed of come to life.

The idea is one which will provide a pathway for girls to be able to launch their own business! (Which we agree is a great idea) But how motivated and influenced are Beauty Crush was about creating these entrepreneurial opportunities.

Grace said: ‘Beauty Crush is highly motivated in creating new and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. We feel everyone should have the right and means to put their own mark on the beauty industry and create their own brand, we want a more diverse beauty market filled with more independent brands, and by offering our support and guidance to new entrepreneurs we see Beauty Crush as the catalyst for this new beauty world

We want to give everyone the opportunity to build their own products and create their own business around it without the need for a huge investment or other requirements that they will usually encounter.

‘As a team that is majority women from a variety of backgrounds, we are quite passionate about smashing the glass ceiling and making the beauty industry a more equal place where anyone can create and achieve their goals’.

We are working with our first influencer Laurie Elle, from Manchester. We love her fresh, young and engaging style and thought she was the perfect person to start the Beauty Crush journey with’.

Ali Golds is a successful female business leader. She founded her first company in 2000 and, to date, has run five successful businesses. She now uses her experience and passion to support other women to launch their own business. We asked her for some advice.

Ali said: ‘When thinking of your ideas, don’t create boundaries, let your mind wander anywhere it wants. It’s also great to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer – what are their needs and wants and how would your beauty product fulfil them?

If you too are a social media influencer, makeup artists or a girl with big business ideas that would like some help in bringing your ideas to life go to www.beautycrush.com

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