What Could Your Man Be Hiding In The Closet?

Is there a secret hiding in the back of the wardrobe? What about the loft, shed, and garage?

A recent survey from ao.com found that men will spend £12,663 in their lives on purchases their partner knows NOTHING about!

The poll discovered a third of adults keep their secret purchases at the back of their wardrobe, but if you have already had a gander there and found nothing, it may be worth knowing that a crafty one in ten said they leave them at their place of work to ensure they aren’t found out.

Other hiding places included the loft, shed, and garage. And 10 percent rely on their trusty underwear drawer to hide their wares.

The in-depth study of the nation’s spending habits revealed that in the last 12 months the average adult has made SIX purchases behind their partners back – with the average man having spent £201 without their other -half knowing, women spent less on secret purchases, coming in at only £154 per year or £9,702 over the course of her lifetime.

The poll says men are most likely to secretly splash out on tech, followed by clothes and luxury food items.

Women were more likely to secretly buy clothes, shoes or something for the home.

When questioned respondents said they keep their purchases undercover because their partner wouldn’t be interested or care. Others admitted it was because their partner is likely to moan about the cost.

Have you had a secret spending spree? Or found something your partner had purchased on the down low? Where’s your secret hiding place?

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