The 6 Surprising Benefits of Using Facial Toner Every Day

Toner has been around for many years and is a product you may remember applying to your face as a teenager. However, for many people, toner slipped out of regular use and started gathering dust at the back of the bathroom cupboard. And it’s time to bring it back into the light!

Toner has numerous benefits that may surprise you and could be what’s standing between you and clear skin. So, how exactly does the use of toner every day benefit you?

  1. Using Toner Shrinks Pores

Beauty toner 2One thing many of us want when it comes to skincare is smaller pores. And toner can help! Applying a small amount of toner to a soft cotton pad and wiping it thoroughly over your face and neck will remove any oil, remaining makeup, and clear the skin. This cleansing process also helps give the appearance of smaller pores by keeping them clean and clear of dirt.

  1. Toner Restores Your PH Balance

Beauty toner 3Your skin is naturally acidic and has a natural PH balance of between five and six. However, cleansing your face with alkaline soaps can upset this PH balance, causing it to go out of whack. This causes your skin to work overtime just so that it can return to its normal PH levels. This process can cause your skin to become excessively oily.

However, using toner day and night after cleansing can help protect your skin and restore its natural PH balance.

  1. The Use of Toner Protects Your Skin

Beauty toner 4Toner is a great way to protect your skin throughout the day and night. Not only does toner help close and tighten your pores after cleansing, but it also protects by preventing contaminants from penetrating the skin by creating a tight barrier, through the closing of pores. So, you can enjoy soaking up the that much-needed Vitamin D without worrying about pollutants penetrating your skin.

Although Vitamin D is beneficial for your body, too much can be damaging. So, be sure to protect your skin by staying out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, and by using effective sun creams.

  1. Toners Detoxify Your Skin

Beauty toner 5Throughout the day, your skin is prone to a lot of environmental damage. Not only does your skin come into contact with industrial-made chemicals, but it is also exposed to toxins such as pollution, toxins, smoke and so much more.

Detoxify your skin at the end of the day by cleansing it and then applying some toner on a cotton pad to clear all residues from your skin. This process will help rejuvenate your skin, keep it looking healthier and brighter, and reduce acne.

  1. Helps Promote Skin Healing Overnight

Beauty toner 6Toner is an excellent product to apply to your face and neck after cleansing and before bed as it helps to promote skin healing. By removing oily build-up, dead skin cells, and cleansing pores, toner reduces facial blemishes and helps your skin heal and prevent future breakouts. This means your skin will look fresher, cleaner, and healthier than yesterday when you wake up in the morning.

Furthermore, after applying toner you can add a layer of Sudocrem to your face and let it work its magic overnight.

  1. Helps Reduce Redness and Create an Even Skin Tone

Beauty toner 7Because toner cleanses your skin and helps rid it of oil, dead skin cells, and any other toxins, a toner is extremely beneficial in reducing redness and promoting an even skin tone.

If you suffer from red, blotchy, or uneven skin tone, toner could be the solution! Apply toner on a cotton pad to your face after cleansing and wipe thoroughly over your face every day and night. You will notice a significant reduction in redness almost immediately and over time you will see your skin tone even out as blemishes are reduced.

Use Cotton Pads to Apply Toner

Beauty toner 8The most effective way to apply toner is to use cotton pads as they are designed to be wiped across the face to remove any residue, chemicals, and toxins left on your skin after cleansing. Gently wiping toner onto your skin after cleansing is an extremely effective application method.

However, it is important you think about the environment when throwing away your cotton pads. Always, always throw your used cotton pads into the rubbish bin and dispose of them correctly. Do not flush your used cotton pads down the toilet as these can cause blocked drains which can be expensive to fix! Avoid this problem by throwing used cotton pads into the bin.

Do You Use Toner?

If you’ve been neglecting toner in your daily skincare routine, it’s time to make a change! Toner is an integral part of your daily skincare routine and is definitely something you should prioritise. And once you do, you’ll begin seeing some impressive results.

Care for your skin properly and enjoy the benefits of using toner every day. You won’t be disappointed.


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