How to Declutter Your Living Room and Make it Cosy 

The living room is often the focal point of your home but with the busyness of daily life it can quickly become cluttered, a space of stress rather than or rest. It is possible to reclaim your lounge and make it feel like a brand-new space simply by decluttering and making a few cosy changes.

But first, let’s declutter.

Get Rid of All Those Papers


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Do you ever get home from a busy day and just drop all your mail on the coffee table? Let’s be honest, so many of us do it – convincing ourselves that we will sort through it tomorrow but tomorrow never comes and the pile just gets bigger.

Sort your mail problem by getting rid of those extra papers. All you have to do is put a mail folder by your door where all your mail is stored for those big sorting days. This is a helpful way of ensuring mail is not building up in your living room.

Find a Place for The Small Things


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It can be difficult by finding a place to store the little things like the TV remote, magazines, and notebooks but storing them away can make your living room look so much more spacious. Simply store away the small things in a drawer under your TV stand or a basket beside the sofa. There are so many options, you just have to get creative.

Top Tip: Be sure to place little tables next to the sofas so that everyone can place things nearby. It’s a great way to provide space for the odd glass or snack bowl when you have guests visiting, too.

Aspire to Minimalism

If you have shelving in your living room you will know how quickly it can fill up with unnecessary clutter. Aspire to minimalism by only leaving the necessary items on the shelves, such as decorative pieces, framed photographs, and books. Any other loose items that you would like to keep in the lounge, consider storing them in a decorative basket on the shelf so that it gives the illusion of a more tidy and organised space.

Light Your Living Room Well

Once you have decluttered a little bit, it’s important to light your living room well. Unfortunately, the UK sees a lot of bad weather and cloudy days. And as a result, your living room can be darker than necessary. A wood burning stove can add a nice glow or if you don’t have a fireplace, why not light a few candles and place them on the window sill? Enhance the effect with carefully positioned mirrors and other reflective surfaces that spread the light around the room a little more easily.

Provide a Basket of Blankets

alize-lemon-yellow-fringed-throwBlankets are a must for any living room as they provide warmth and comfort on those chilly evenings and a lovely mix of textured colours to throw over the back of the sofa and enjoy during the summer months. Having a basket of colourful blankets adds a nice touch to any living space and certainly helps promote that comfortable, cosy atmosphere you’ve been working hard to achieve.

Purchase an Adjustable Chair

Are you considering purchasing some new furniture for your living room? For ultimate comfort, consider purchasing an adjustable chair – you will spend more time in your living room than anywhere else! Adjustable chairs are an increasing trend throughout the UK and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. What’s more, you can customise it to fit with the current décor of your living space, so you won’t even have to redecorate!

Add Colourful Rugs to the Floor

Sometimes your living room needs a splash of colour. Achieve a pop of colour by adding a rug to the floor in front of the sofa or under the coffee table. A rug can be a great way to add some colour or texture to your living room and can really brighten up any space.

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Have You Found These Tips Helpful?

I hope you have found these tips helpful and that they have given some good ideas on how to declutter your living room and make the space cosier. There are so many fun ideas out there and websites such as Pinterest are full of inspirational suggestions.

Guest Post by Rachel Kerr

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