Half Of UK Parents Have Considered Moving Home For The Sake Of Their Children

We’ve all heard it before… location, location, location. But how do you find the right location for your growing brood or future family?

Low fixed fee estate agency Yopa can now reveal the key to every British family’s happy home and its optimum location in the country.

Yopa offers an affordable, simple and smart way to sell homes, and has developed an innovative online tool to help families identify the best location for their new property.

The tool finds locations based on their individual move motivators and the parenting factors most important to them. These ratings include schooling, crime, health, infrastructure, environment, amenities and travel, amongst many others.

Behind this super-handy tool is the Yopa Happy Home algorithm. The equation will help Brits to find a happier home that ticks all the right boxes, in a location they may not have previously considered.

#HappyFamilyFormula =

(1-(Average House Price/hpR)) + ((Good Primary Schools/gpsR) x2) + (Number of Grammar Schools Nearby/gsnR) + ((Good Secondary Schools/gssR) x2) + ((1-(Average Pupils per School/appsR)) x2) + ((1-(Crime Rate/crR)) x2) + ((1-(Drug Use/duR)) x2) + ((1-(Alcohol Use/auR)) x2) + (Green Spaces/gsR) + ((1-(Pollution/poR)) x2) + (1-(Road Safety/rsR)) + ((1-(Obesity Levels/obR)) x0.5) + (Average Salary/asR) + ((Job Opportunities/joR) x2) + ((GP Ratings/gpR) x2)

To support the launch of its new online tool and happy home formula, Yopa commissioned independent market research to ask British parents about their move motivators and priorities when looking for a new family pad.

The research found that ‘pester power’ has a large part to play in choosing a new home, with two thirds (69%) of children having an influence over their parents’ move decisions.

When moving home parents are willing to go a long way for their children’s wellbeing. One-quarter of parents would move within a 25-mile radius to the next town or city (27%) and over half of them would move up to 50 miles, whilst a fifth (18%) would move over 350 miles to ensure a better quality of life for their family.

The top five move motivators, in order of prevalence, when thinking of their children’s wellbeing are crime rate, road safety, pupils per class, distance to grandparents/relatives and emission/pollution levels.

When parents were asked about their own priorities for a move, career success and employment opportunities came first, followed by transport connections, local amenities, healthcare provisions, household income, good schooling, and family health and wellbeing.

The research also asked parents about their future concerns in relation to the impact of a move on their children’s horizons. The main things which parents are worried about in order of importance are: future job prospects, getting on the housing ladder, online safety and cyberbullying.

Yopa Happy Home Guide - Infographic[3]-page-001 2

David Jacobs, Co-Founder of Yopa commented on the findings: “Our homes are usually the most expensive thing we invest in and as such, we need to get the very best property for our family. Every family has a different set of move motivators and we decided to look into these further. The results show some very interesting regional differences across Britain, especially in Wales and Scotland. We found people living in certain areas are far more likely to move further to find that ideal happy spot. Our tool will help families to consider new home locations that they might otherwise overlook.”


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