Bronzer Boujee


IMG_2206I’m a bronzer fan and it’s only very recently that I started to tone it down. I’m one of those bronzer boujee’s that can’t help myself but go a little overboard when I apply and even though I know the beauty experts tell me to only brush a little here and here….I also add it to there and this too.

I have been searching for a new bronzer recently and was looking for one that would give me a warm glowing look but without the shimmery sparkle, and so I was super pleased when the Make Beauty Bronzing Brick arrived in the post this week.

Make Beauty have a trio of talc-free matt bronzers that have been inspired by the ‘heartlands of the American Southwest’. Honestly, have no idea what that means but what can tell you is that both the packaging and the product look good!


The products are also cruelty-free, vegan and are manufactured without parabens.

I received the Joshua Tree Bronzing Brick which is perfect for fair skin and have been applying ‘sparingly’ (not) over my face, neck and décolletage.

You can shop the brand at Selfridges Beauty Hall

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