Caring For Your Skin During Chemotherapy

A new skincare range as launched in the UK. renewYOU Cancertology is gentle enough to use on skin that’s sensitive to chemotherapy treatment.

Skin can often feel different and look less bright when you are having cancer treatment, and taking good care of your skin and giving it a boost might help you feel more like yourself.

Formulated in the US by Oncology Esthetician Susan Wolf, the skincare range has been carefully formulated to offer cancer patients a safe and comfortable solution for everyday products that are too harsh and damaging to be used on skin affected by the harmful results of chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer treatments.


As well as hair loss, patients undergoing cancer treatments are also prone to suffering severe skin problems due to the body’s reaction to the drugs involved. Despite the wide range of natural skin products on the market, there has never been a safe and non-irritating solution to combat the severity of these effects until now.

After working closely with cancer patients in the US for more than eight years, renewYOU has created a specially formulated range of products which are proven to significantly improve the side effects chemotherapy has on the skin for the first time. The range includes everyday essentials including cleanser, toner, moisturiser and serum, all of which include specially formulated, vitamin-rich ingredients combined with natural products such as liquorice root, rose water and sunflower seed.

As well as improving the skin’s condition and appearance of those undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, renewYOU are passionate about helping cancer patients to overcome the terrible loss of confidence and self-esteem resulting from the side effects of the disease. Working with cancer units all over the country, renewYOU’s team of aesthetic consultants provide regular workshops to those undergoing treatment, offering help and advice on how to ease the everyday struggles as a result of such strenuous treatments.

renewYOU is available to buy online now at  Prices start from £17.50

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