Look Good Feel Better Train Debenhams Beauty Hall Staff

National charity, Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) has partnered with Debenhams to train its beauty hall colleagues and makeup artists on how to help customers manage some of the visible side effects of cancer treatment.

The training is currently being rolled out and has seen more than 370 beauty hall colleagues in the UK and Ireland skilled to advise the 359,960 people that are diagnosed with cancer every year*. All those trained will be given a special Look Good Feel Better lapel pin so that they are easily identifiable.

Sarah Jane Robertson, Executive Director at Look Good Feel Better, said: ‘Sadly, one in two people in the UK will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime*.

‘For those people, not only do they have to deal with the emotional turmoil of their treatment and diagnosis but the visible side effects can make them feel like they have lost their identity. We know from our workshops in 104 locations across the UK that make up and skincare plays an important role in increasing confidence and self-esteem.

‘Being able to teach people skills such as how to recreate missing brows and eyelashes, as well as combating dryness and changes to skin tone can help transform how people feel about themselves.

‘We are delighted to partner with Debenhams and their in-store beauty colleagues so that those in need have an accessible and additional place to go for advice and support, alongside our long-standing workshop programme.’

Look Good Feel Better’s quick and easy tips for people undergoing cancer treatment:

  1. Skin will often become drier during treatment so it is essential to moisturise regularly

  2. A small amount of ‘colour-correcting’ concealer under foundation can help disguise any redness

  3. A soft eye pencil can define the eyes and can create the illusion of eyelashes

  4. Drawing on eyebrows can seem daunting but with practice and a good eyebrow pencil, you’ll create that perfect arch in no time

  5. If there is one cosmetic product that can cheer someone up, it’s lipstick – apply your favourite colour for an instant pick-me-up


Debenhams has been working with Look Good Feel Better since April last year. In the last 12 months, the company has raised more than £150,000 which has helped fund free confidence-boosting skincare and make-up workshops and masterclasses across the UK.

Richard Cristofoli, Managing Director of Beauty and Marketing at Debenhams, said: ‘Our aim is to ensure that our beauty halls are friendly, approachable and easily accessible – with expert advice for everyone.

‘We recognise the requirements of those undergoing cancer treatments are unprecedented so embarking on a training programme and partnering with Look Good Feel Better is an important new initiative for our business.’

Katie Andrews, Business Manager, Clinique, Debenhams Nottingham and LGFB volunteer says: ‘I’ve been volunteering for Look Good Feel Better for nine months now and it was the best decision I have ever made. Each session is filled with supportive laughter and heartfelt moments. The feeling of giving back to the ladies can’t be found anywhere else. It’s great that Debenhams and all the different makeup counters are coming together to support the charity – I know it means a lot to the volunteers and the people who attend the sessions.’

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