Saira Choudhry Tells Us Whats Instore For Fiesty Tegan In No Offence Series 3

no offence tegan

‘Tegan goes on a massive journey this series. We get to see an extremely vulnerable side to her which is quite different from her normal feisty straight-talking tough character.

‘Tegan still has her ups and downs with Stuart but she still wears the trousers in the relationship, which I love but Tom Varey who plays Stuart hates LOL!

Saira said: ‘Working on NO OFFENCE is a hectic ball of exciting fun. I really do love every minute of it mainly because the cast get on so well. We’ve become a little family over the years as we spend so much time with each other for 5 months.

‘It’s extra special for me filming in my hometown, Manchester, where I grew up and still live. Every location has a memory and feels surreal filming there. In series 2 I filmed at an Asda I used to go to with my Grandma every week when I was 8. And I remember that was the age I decided I wanted to be an actress. I never thought I would be filming there years later.’

And this season we also see Saira working alongside her daughter Leah. She said  ‘I was blessed to work with my 17-year-old daughter Leah on her second professional acting job. She came into NO OFFENCE as a guest artist. Not many actors get to ever work with their kids and especially not in the same scene together.

‘Also this series I had 50 students from my drama school TV Talent who were cast to film a school scene in the second episode. The kids told me how much they enjoyed the day and how much they learnt watching the actors and the discipline of being on a set, which you can never learn in a class.

TV Talent is a drama school I set up myself based in Manchester for kids aged 3 to 18 and our main focus is creating self-belief and confidence through performance – and filming on NO OFFENCE was a brilliant experience for them.

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