‘Instagramable’ New Lipsy Store


Lipsy has opened the doors on their first store in Central London with a new site on Oxford Street.

The new Lipsy destination is part of the new Next Oxford Street flagship development, which has seen the former Plaza shopping centre transformed into a two-floor social, experience-rich lifestyle destination.


Playful and quirky nods to the theme include bellboy rails, a gold Toblerone bar that spells out ‘concierge’ and a bell on the cash desk. Large-scale graphics and props such as classic fashion books, bespoke suitcases and unique ornaments bring a sexy, lifestyle-led feel to the space.

The addition of innovative digital elements heightens engagement with Lipsy’s
tech-savvy female customers – digital wardrobes fitted with iPad-sized screens that play the seasonal lookbook.

Lipsy currently has 50 retail locations in the UK including its Manchester store which is alongside Next in the Arndale Centre and the Trafford Centre location inside Next on Upper Regent Crescent.




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