Create Your Own Happy – Helping Children Seek Out And Create Their Own Brand Of Happiness

Create Your Own Happy is a fun-filled, inspirational activity book with easy-to-follow exercises and happy life lessons for the whole family created by award-winning blogging duo Penny Alexander & Becky Goddard-Hill.

Packed with interactive activities like planting a seed bomb, crafting a recycling monster and making a happy playlist, Create Your Own Happy sends out the message that “Your happiness is your superpower”, giving children the ability to shape their future and “make happy happen” by spreading happiness around them.


The book has beautiful and uplifting anecdotes that explain in simple terms the science behind what makes you happy or sad, offering practical help and a fun approach that will appeal directly to both children and parents. To purchase the book go to

On 10 October it is World Mental Health Day. and the mental health of our children frequently makes headlines; last week The Children’s Society reported worrying statistics relating to the numbers of teens in the UK that self harm; in May the NSPCC reported that mental health referrals in English schools have risen by more than a third in the last three years, while The Children’s Society also reported last year that young people’s happiness is at its lowest since 2010.

For more information about child and teen mental health speak to your local Mind team.


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