Stress Is The Number One Cause Of Sleepless Nights

A NATIONAL survey of 2,000 adults by Chemist 4 U has revealed the six main things which keep British people awake at night. 

Stress was found to be the main culprit – it’s responsible for stopping 1 in 4 people from having the NHS-recommended 8 hours of sleep.

Number two on the list is noise disturbance, which was particularly apparent in the capital and the North East. 

Health came third, closely followed by a partner causing disruption. 

More than half of people admitted they find it frustrating when their partner snores, and 1 in 4 said it’s irritating when they take up too much room, steal the covers or breathe on them during the night.

1 in 10 couples even said they sleep in separate beds every single night to combat the issue.

Caffeine was the fifth most common reason for being kept awake at night; and rounding up the list was children. 

“Sleep plays an important role in both bodily and brain functions, and a lack of it can cause stress, a lack of productivity and change in mood – as well as more serious health conditions. So, some of the statistics surrounding dissatisfaction with the amount of sleep we get don’t really surprise me – as a nation, we take sleep seriously, and we’re simply not getting enough of it,” commented Shamir Patel, pharmacist at Chemist 4 U.

This podcast released by the NHS gives you simple, common-sense advice about sleep problems.

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