Artists Demonstrate At Westminster In Support Of SelfieLeave Bill

On Friday stars from music and entertainment gathered outside Parliament on to show their support for the “Shared Parental Leave and Pay (Extension)” Bill, also known as the #SelfieLeave Bill, which will extend the right to shared parental leave to self-employed people.

Under the present rules, self-employed parents are ineligible for shared parental leave.

But campaigners are be urging MPs to support the Second Reading of this vital piece of legislation which would be a lifeline to thousands of self-employed parents.

The new law would be a major step forward for gender equality, particularly in the creative industries where many people are self-employed.

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Supporters of the bill include Coldplay’s Chris Martin who said: “This bill would finally give self-employed artists and technicians an opportunity to share parenting in a way that makes sense for them and their families”.

Singer-songwriter Laura Marling said: “It’s so fantastic that self-employed artists and their crews would finally have a chance to share parenting if this bill goes through”

Parental Pay Equality’s founder Olga FitzRoy said: “We hope the Government will use this opportunity to take this simple step for self-employed families. Politicians of all sides have supported the bill this far – we now need the government to commit to it.”

Tracy Brabin, MP for Batley and Spen said: ‘With this bill I’ve handed the Government a perfect opportunity to show they’re really in touch with the modern world of work and that they’re on the side of families.

“There is still time for them to adopt this common sense, cost-neutral proposal which allows self-employed parents to take maternity and paternity leave in a way that suits their family.

“This provision is already available for families in more conventional employment. We’re simply calling on the Government rectify this situation where we have one set of rules for conventionally employed people and a separate set for everyone else.”

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