Couples Spend Over £10,000 On Their Dream Wedding

There’s no sign of the wedding industry slowing down. With over 41% of couples now spending over £10,000 on their dream wedding. (WTF!-seriously, I was married for under £500)

Weddings are no longer perceived by couples as an event that should follow a traditional format. Results from The Wedding Survey 2018 suggest brides are more creative in their planning, which ensures their wedding day is tailored to their taste.

Many brides-to-be are opting for unique cakes, such as those made from donuts or cheese. In some cases, couples are even choosing to spend more on a wedding theme, from Disney to Winter Wonderlands.

The survey also revealed that brides are happier to have longer engagements (which makes sense, if you have to save in excess of 10k first). It showed that 26-45 year olds are more likely to have their wedding abroad. And that 35% of brides prefer an A-line gown.

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WED2B Wedding Survey 2018


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