What The Actual…These Things Were Really Lost And Found On The Bus!

Used sex toys, positive pregnancy tests and dirty knickers were just some of the items cleaners found when tidying on the bus. The three shocking discoveries made the top ten list of the worst items to greet staff from Cordant Cleaning when sprucing up buses across the UK during the past year.

But it wasn’t just these odd items that brazen Brits left on the buses, as the cleaning firm also revealed its employees stumbled upon a deep fat fryer, used nappies, vomit containing a set of false teeth and a poo with a flag stuck on it. (What is wrong with people!!!!!)

If that wasn’t bad enough, cleaning operatives from Glasgow were left feeling squeamish after discovering a used tampon tied to a handrail and a large fresh animal heart under one of the seats, when cleaning one double-decker. The top ten list was completed by one lucky employee who came across a brown envelope containing more than £300,000 in used bank notes, which was then swiftly handed over to police.
Despite his team having to dispose of some revolting gifts, Cordant Cleaning boss Guy Pakenham says his colleagues remain professional and take it all in their stride. “More often than not I’m left shocked when my team tell me about the disgusting things they have to get rid of when cleaning buses up and down the UK. However, I can only praise their dedication and good humour, they don’t seem to be fazed by anything. Thankfully our staff are fully trained and equipped to deal with cleaning hazards like these – but we can only urge passengers that next time they defecate on the floor of a bus, or throw up their own false teeth, please remember to take all of your items with you.”

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