Christmas Lights, Camera, Action!

Christmas lights are no longer just for the festive season! Decorative lighting is now being used in a myriad of ways to enhance the style and look of our home interiors and exteriors.

Illuminations are used to beautiful effect to create visual impact and ambience in our surroundings and to fashion that stunning Instagram-worthy perfect picture, not just for Christmas but all year round.

Joyti Gohil, chief Christmas elf at high street retailer, Robert Dyas says, “Festive lighting has evolved, and we are no longer confined to a tangled string of fairy lights wrapped around the Christmas tree. The right lighting can literally transform a room into a magical setting.

“There is now such a wide variety of lights to choose from and with the advent of LED lighting and advances in lighting technology generally, it makes bathing your home in beautiful light easy, cost-effective and energy-efficient all at the same time.”

So, whether it’s a subtle glow of twinkling, flickering illuminations you’re after or if you prefer to shower your home in bold, bright light to blind passers-by, Robert Dyas has the ideal lighting solution to ensure you capture that stunning social media shot.

Designer light

Astonishing lighting effects can now be used in every corner of your home to enhance your interior design scheme and there is a constellation of lights to choose from, such as LED Fairy lightsString lightsStar lightsBerry lights and trendy Copper lights.

Flickering Firefly Twister Lights strung across the fireplace can create a warm and welcoming tranquil atmosphere with their mesmerizing flameless flickering.

For instant illumination, a cluster of Ice-White Fairy Lights (£9.99 – £31.99) tossed casually into a glass lantern makes for a dazzling decoration. Or a Chain of 10 Glass Lit Baubles (Was £17.99 now £11.99) bundled into a bowl creates a glossy decorative feature with their iridescent sheen, adding a textured frosty finish to a winter wonderland scene.

Dress your windows or adorn any room in your home with the twinkling beauty of Starlight Curtains (Was £22.49 now £14.99). But why stop there? Children will be enchanted by a string of LED Candy Cane Lights (Was £5.99 now £3.99) and they will be delighted by a colony of penguins with a sparkling set of White LED Penguin Lights (Was £5.99 now £3.99).

Ornamental light

Introduce flashes of radiant beauty throughout your home with freestanding ornamental lights such as this LED Christmas Candle Bridge (Was £14.99 now £9.99) and brighten up every dark nook or cranny with an eye-catching and quirky Water Spinner Lantern (£14.99 -£19.99).

Make a statement with a festive piece of furnishing such as Rudolph the Illuminated reindeer (Was £29.99 now £19.99). Crafted from metal wire, this decoration features 30 warm white LED lights entwined within the frame to create a wonderful display.

Trip the light fantastic

Let there be light outside with a fantastic over the top light display. Create your own laser light show and shower the exterior of your home in festive patterns of light with the Deluxe Outdoor Laser Projector Light (Was £116.99 now £77.99). Choose from the snowman, tree, bell, snowflake, Santa or firefly patterns and change the laser mode from red to green and from flashing to static to create the perfect panoramic backdrop for your photographs.

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