Other Stuff

Hi! I’m Kerry…

I’m a sex and relationships educator and a qualified journalist. I live in Manchester with my husband Dan and children Laurie (21) and Remi (11). I started blogging back in 2007! Whilst on maternity leave. Way back, when I started the blog it focused a lot on me moaning about my so-called life and working out what it was like to be a mum again (there had been a 10-year gap between kids). Since then, the children have grown up and it has developed into a lifestyle platform, featuring more of what’s in the news, fashion, food, travel and health.

‘Other Stuff’ is where I continue to write my diary like entries about being a mum, a wife and all of the shizzle that comes with that. It’s a bit more ‘rom-com’ than ‘mummy blog’ because…well, that’s my life!